Form 210. IRNR. Non-resident income tax (without permanent establishment).

Determination of the taxable income

One of the returns from the ownership of properties are considered to be all those originated from the lease of the aforementioned properties. The net income is calculated from the total income less the deductible expenses. This will be the most typical case of taxable return, also known as  vacational rents, (second or subsequent residences), either In its entirety or by rooms

If the ownership of the property is divided at 50% between spouses it will be necessary to present two tax forms. One for each.

The deductible costs would be:

1.-The costs of repair and conservation

2.-Expenses due to the normal use of the property: painting, repair-replacement of defective elements, replacement of heating systems, lift, security doors or other similar.

3.Insurance contributions that cover civil liability, fire, robbery or other analogues.

4.-Supplies; Electricity, water, gas, rates of IBI ( Town Hall Taxes), garbage tax, street lighting…

5.-Amortization of 3% and will be practiced on the greater of the following values: The cost of acquisition or the cadastral value, without including in the computation of both cases the cost or value of the land.

6.-Amounts paid to third parties: administration, community, surveillance, guards, or alike.


It is important to bear in mind is that only the expenses for the period of time in which the property has been rentes can be deducted. When you rent a part of the house, one or several rooms, you only considerthe expenses in proportion to the time and space rented  

The works of extension and improvement cannot be deduced as they constitute an increase in the value of the property.

The total amount to be deducted for these expenses and those of financing may not exceed jointly, for each property, the amount of complete returns obtained.

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